Ivan is famous Runemaster Yeti who has traveled far and wide. He is trustworthy and kind. Ivan is warm, confident, jovial and somewhat crafty/mischievous. Ivan is very concerned about the current situation, especially for Lumina’s sake, however he is greatly heartened by the Magi’s appearance, for he can give the Magi a winning edge in the upcoming challenge. 

Lumina the leader of the Light Pixies, The light pixies are guardians of the Sky Lights.  Lumina while harboring fears, always portrays a brave face, and will do anything she can to protect her friends.  Her role as the leader allows her to make honorary pixies.

Malaki the Shadowlord is egotistical and will berate the Magi, consistently underestimating the Magi’s abilities. His voice is proud, bombastic, authoritarian.

Malaki was the student of Ivan, until in an epic duel Ivan and the Kingbreakers forced Malaki to flee through a portal to the darkness.

The Dark Creatures are minions of Malaki the Shadowlord. Fiercely loyal to the will and whims of their master, these savage beasts are summoned during battle to do Malaki's bidding and attack the brave Magi who dare to confront him.