Sea Warden Laughing Jack the Man in the Mist is the former Buccaneer Magi manifests from the heavy fog of Thunder Keep. Fearless and a little crazy, he’s jolly and a bit campy, lacing his words with silly sounding exclamations and heart-felt guffaws! 

Princess Pumpykins the Lady in the Leaves was unusually young for a clan leader, but very brave and insightful. She has taken a form that honors the trees and plant life native to Cloudcrest, home of the World Singers clan; Part tree, leaves, and flower petals, she is wondrous to behold and a joy to spend time with.

Agonistus the Fiery Smith under the Mountain.  He appears as a mysterious muscled figure wearing a gold and jade Mayan/Samurai mask common to the Shadowmancer Clan. Reserved and patient, he resides in Blackmantle.

Gorgo the Blunt the Old Man in the Stump was once a fearless, stout warrior. He transformed himself into a walnut tree to provide a home to the small woodland creatures he loves. Unfortunately, he was nearly destroyed years ago when his tree form was ravaged by Goblin axes. He's cantankerous and unflinchingly direct with Magi visitors.

Lady Gwendolyn in the Wall, the former leader of the King Breakers, has taken on the physical properties of her arid homelands, becoming a sculpted pillar supporting the exterior walls of Ironhold. She holds her broken sword and blowing horn at her sides.

Ticker Tinwidget the Brass Owl is the former leader of the Portal Nomads clan. He created a permanent vessel in which his essence/soul now resides. Sometimes his gears will stick and he'll repeat himself a few times as he skips like a record and then suddenly rectifies himself, as though nothing is wrong.

Princess Grace is a Magi with great powers and responsibilities. Graceis of the Truth Seeker Clan, using magic to study the universe from her palace near the rain forests of Cloudcrest. She possesses four magic jewels that her great grandfather made for her, granting her the ability to communicate with stars in the sky.

The Eternal and Revered High Chronicler is a master of all Lore and history within the MagiQuest world. She is eternal and ageless. She is the font of wisdom and keeper of secrets. She serves as the main quest giver for aspiring Magi.