‚ÄčLong ago, when the world was new, the Magi wandered the globe as one clan demonstrating the power of imagination. However, many disagreed upon whom, and the manner of which, the gift of imagination should be bestowed. This argument eventually tore the clan asunder, thus beginning the TIME OF TROUBLES

After many years of conflict, The HIGH CHRONICLER invited the worthiest of Magi to form five distinct clans that could teach imagination anyway they wanted to. But still, a faction of Magi resisted this plan and used the power of imagination to divide the Magi. And so THE GREAT COMPROMISE came about.

Realizing the secrets of the Runes must be kept safe from those who would misuse their power, the leaders renounced themselves as Magi; permanently transforming into mystical beings made of stone, wood and metal known as the Guardians of the Realm Portals.

To this day, they continue to offer guidance to those wise enough to seek it. The five Magi clans honor the GREAT COMPROMISE by nurturing the power of imagination across the known Realm Portals.